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Guided by the Wind

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

As I took this picture of the sailboat on Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, I kept thinking about a question I recently heard in the news.  Is abortion even mentioned in the bible anyway?  No, it isn’t. Yet somehow its on America’s forefront as the most tossed around “word” today in our culture.  Each persons vocally stating their knowledge about abortion; of what it is and isn’t.  People mean well, yet, somehow these statements soon become, just statements of opinions rather than actual logical facts presented.  

A while back my husband (Jeff) and I did a study together on this.  Since the word abortion isn’t found in the bible, here are three examples of what the bible has to say that relates to where the spirit of abortion comes from: Example 1:  Why the Devil (Satan) Hates Women and Children, Example 2:  Molech the Fire God, Example 3: How This all Relates Together Regarding Abortion.

All scripture references for this study and blog are obtained from The Message bible.

Cited from:  The Message, The Bible in Contemporary Language, By Eugene H. Peterson, Copyright@2002 By Eugene H. Peterson, All Rights Reserved. 

Example 1:  Why the Devil (Satan) Hates Women and Children.

Genesis 3:15 The Message (MSG)

14-15  God told the serpent:

“Because you’ve done this, you’re cursed,

cursed beyond all cattle and wild animals,

Cursed to slink on your belly

and eat dirt all your life.

I’m declaring war between you and the Woman,

between your offspring and hers.

He’ll wound your head,

you’ll wound his heal.”

In the beginning in the garden, God said very clearly that I will put hatred between woman, her children, and the devil by declaring war between them.  The reason the devil hates women and children so much, and is after them, is because the seed of woman will defeat the devil in the end.  It was expected for years, and years, that a woman would bring forth a son named Jesus who will defeat Satan.  This came true when Mary gave birth to Jesus.

A while back we both read this book, at different times of course, called:  “Women: God’s Secret Weapon (Paperback)” By Ed Silvoso.  I’m posting a picture because I like the title and in case you want to read it.  Women bring forth life, and they train that life to be powerful, and when that child grows older, they have the power to cause the devil a lot of problems.

Cited from:  TransformOurWorld, Ordinary people doing extraordinary deeds. Book; “Women: God’s Secret Weapon (Paperback)” By Ed Silvoso.

@2010-2015 Transform Our World

Example 2:  Molech the Fire God.

Took place in the time before Jesus was born.  At that time people worshipped many gods other than the true God.  One of these gods was called; Molech the fire god, who had a consort named Ashtoreth the fertility goddess.  The bible says that parents shouldn’t sacrifice their children to Molech.

Leviticus 18:21 The Message (MSG)

21 “Don’t give any of your children to be burned in sacrifice to the god Molech-an act of sheer blasphemy of your God.  I am God.

Satan had the people so confused that they willingly sacrificed their firstborn children to the god Molech. One way they sacrificed the babies, was to build a fire, to heat up the statues arms and hands.  Then the priest placed the baby in the hot hands of the statue.  When the baby wildly moved its arms and legs around, it would cause the baby to fall into the fire in the stomach of the statue and burn to death.  Another method of sacrifices, animals and a baby were burned in the middle of a statue at the same time, and burned alive.  Loud music was usually played to drown out the cries of the babies to the people.  Especially the parents in case they had a change of mind.  These acts of sacrifices were evil, clearly Satan was behind this plan to get parents to willingly sacrifice their babies.  I have posted a picture of Molech the fire god.

Cited from:  Christian Image Source, an image, Image Title: Book of Leviticus Molech.

Copyright@2015 Christian Image Source . All Rights Reserved.

As we continue to read on in the book of Leviticus; regarding child sacrificing; God continues speaking and warns the Israelites and foreigners in the land, that if they look the other way as if nothing had happened when that man gives his child to Molech, God says, he will reject the man, his family and all who join him.

Leviticus 20:1-5 The Message (MSG)

20 1-5  God spoke to Moses:  “Tell the Israelites, Each and every Israelite and foreigner in Israel who gives his child to the god Molech must be put to death.  The community must kill him by stoning.  I will resolutely reject that man and cut him off from his people.  By giving his child to the god Molech he has polluted my Sanctuary and desecrated my holy name.   If the people of the land look the other way as if nothing had happened when that man gives his child to the god Molech and fail to kill him, I will resolutely reject that man and his family, and him and all who join him in prostituting themselves in the rituals of the god Molech I will cut off from their people.

Example 3:  How This all Relates Together Regarding Abortion.

At that time, after Jesus birth, when Satan found out that Jesus was born he wanted to kill him.  Satan knew where he was born, but Satan didn’t know exactly how old he was.  So to try and kill Jesus, Satan used King Herod to kill all of the boys in Bethlehem.

Mathew 2:16-18  The Message (MSG)

16-18  Herod, when he realized that the scholars had tricked him, flew into a rage.  He commanded the murder of 

every little boy two years old and under who lived in Bethlehem and its surrounding hills.

 (He determined that age from information he’d gotten from the scholars.)  That’s when Jeremiah’s sermon was fulfilled:

A sound was heard in Ramah,

weeping and much lament.

Rachel weeping for her children,

Rachel refusing all solace,

Her children gone, 

dead and buried.

Once again, we can see that the devil hates women, and her children and tries every chance to destroy them with violent acts of killing.  This all relates together regarding abortion; by being an age old spiritual battle that has been going on since the beginning of time. Today’s modern face of child sacrificing is abortion.  Abortion is a form of child sacrificing like child sacrificing to Molech the fire god was.  Millions of children and mothers have been affected by legalized abortion here in the United States and globally on mass levels.

In conclusion, even though the word abortion isn’t mentioned in the bible, we know why the devil hates women and children, and is out to destroy them because God declared war between the three.  We also know that God is for children and not for any type or form of child sacrificing through Molech or abortion. Just like with the Israelites, if we know that someone is going to be killed through any type of child sacrifice or abortion today, we are supposed to try and help stop it. This is something each of us will have to work through personally in our own hearts with God on what we can do and what our levels of involvement should be globally. The goal of these blogs is to inform you with truth in grace. Thanks for reading. Live life liberated!


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