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Are aborted fetal cells used to cure a pandemic? OMG

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Are aborted fetal cells used to cure a pandemic? OMG

This is the very thing I represent.  Yikes!

What’s this global world coming to?  What’s wrong with this picture in the making?

I was recently asked a question from a male pastor friend, which I am keeping anonymous.  A question regarding COVID19 on; “what’s a christian supposed to do with the vaccines?”  My friend had read some disturbing articles that the three main ones have all used aborted babies for testing and the Johnson & Johnson one has aborted tissue in it.  He thought it was a conspiracy until he started reading articles.  My friend reached out and asked, if I had any research and wanted to know what I was going to do?

I thanked him for his inquiry question regarding COVID-19 vaccines.  Now I don’t know what disturbing articles he had read, so I can not accurately comment on them.  He didn’t list that information.  As I began to research in response to his questions, I found there’s quite a bit of information.  I decided to turn this into a helpful blog.

At this time I’m not going to reveal what I’m going to do.  There are complexities behind this.  That is my personal choice that’s between my husband, God, and my medical professional doctor and healthcare provider.  My husband Jeff works for the University of Minnesota.  He’s on staff there.  We will do what the University of Minnesota requires him to do.

I prefer not to give advice and recommend something to you, like which vaccinations you should take.  Because if you take it and have negative reactions to it, you may resent me for it.  I prefer to keep our relationship respectful and healthy.  However I will list some COVID-19 Guideline Vaccinations Tips that might be of help to you.  I also found  3 Vaccination Articles that might help us all with our decision.

COVID-19 Guideline Vaccinations Tips

Since you are a man and I’m a woman and both of these human genders will respond slightly differently to the vaccinations because of that fact already.  What’s right for me, may not be right for you because you’re a man.  What’s right for you may not be right for me because I’m a female.

We have different age factors between us that may cause us to get different vaccinations at different times when it’s available.

We also have different medical histories that may affect which ones we get.  They have one vaccination for people who have highly allergic reactions to other medications.  They might even be recommending that you don’t get one.  This depends on your personal medical history.  That is private between each person and their medical professional doctor.  I would suggest that you talk to your doctor first.  They know your medical history.

If you are a man and married I would consult with your doctor first, then share with your wife what the doctor said.  After you get the information, both of you should consult with each other and decide what’s right for you as a couple about the vaccinations.  Which ones you should get.  The same information applies, vice versa, if you are a wife and married, I would consult with your doctor first, then share with your husband the information.  Then decide what’s right for you as a couple.

As a couple you might be getting the same vaccinations at the same time and you might not simply because of your medical histories and difference in ages between couples.  Many spouses in a marriage relationship have age differences where one is older than the other.  Also, your jobs might affect your place in line.  Some couples have spouses who are in the medical field, or on staff at school universities, or assisting in nursing homes around certain age groups that require the people assistancing them to be vaccinated.  Some spouses are in high level political jobs.  All these types of different jobs require you to be vaccinated first so you can lead and help others to get vaccinated to stop the spreading of COVID-19 disease and bring healing to those who have it.

If you have children living at home under your medical care then I would again talk to their doctor about their medical history which one would be best for them if they should have to get one.  Then considering their medical history both husband and wife should talk together as much as they can to decide what is right for their child.  Encourage them to pray over their child’s health to God.

I’m not sure if all teens are getting the vaccinations and what the age bracket is.  But if they are, some teens have developed a relationship with their medical professional doctors on their own.  Because of the new Hippa laws the teens have privacy at a certain age, I think it begins at 17 or 18 years old.  The medical professional doctors will not reveal or talk to you (the parents), about your teens medical history because of that.  Encourage the teens parents to talk to their teenage kids about COVID-19 awareness of vaccinations. Then tell the teens parents to pray to God for protection over their teens.

If you are a single parent and your child needs to get vaccination, I would consult with your child’s doctor about their medical history first.  Then I would pray to God for help on what to do.  If your child has to get the vaccination, you might want to ask another person to go with you to get your child to the doctor.  Your child might not want to go to the doctor out of fear of the vaccination.  Afterwards, if they have to get the vaccination, during the waiting period they might have a negative reaction and you will need help transporting them home.

Another factor to consider is what’s going to affect your vaccination choice, is people with certain jobs may be getting them first in line and depending on their healthcare provider if they have one.  A lot of people are out of jobs today and don’t have medical benefits and may be forced to take a vaccination not of their choice.

I do remember when President Trump had COVID-19 and he was transported immediately out of the White House to Walter Reed.  He did the necessary steps to get well.  He was quarantined for 14 days.  At that time he also followed the prevention steps plan of wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently and staying more than 6 feet away from others.  They did not have the vaccination yet.  He did recover with raw zinc vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin D, healthy foods and lots of rest.  When the vaccine was ready, I remember when both he, President Trump and Melania both got their vaccinations just before leaving the White House.  I also saw recently that Vice President Pence just recently got vaccinated.

I would try to follow CDC Guidelines.  I believe that the CDC Guidelines are from when President Trump and Vice President Pence first started the beginning COVID-19 Development.

The CDC has also listed different guidelines for pregnant women.  Go here to view this list.

3 Vaccination Articles

Article 1.

Regarding taking the vaccinations with fetal parts mixed in.  Here is an article that explains what this is more in-depth.

Article From:  UNMC Nebraska Medicine


Article Title:  You asked, we answered:  Do the COVID-19 vaccines contain aborted fetal cells?

By:  Answer from infectious disease expert, James Lawler, MD

© Copyright Nebraska Medicine

Quoted:  The article states:  No, the COVID-19 vaccines do not contain any aborted fetal cells.

However, Pfizer and Moderna did perform confirmation tests (to ensure the vaccines work) using fetal cell lines.  And Johnson & Johnson uses fetal cell lines in vaccine development, confirmation and production.

But it’s important to have the full context:  Fetal cell lines are not the same as fetal tissue.

Fetal cell lines are cells that grow in a laboratory.  They descend from cells taken from elective abortions in 1970s and 1980s.  Those individual cells from the 1970’s and 1980’s have since multiplied into many new cells over the past four or five decades, creating fetal cell lines.  Current fetal cell lines are thousands of generations removed from the original fetal tissue.  They do not contain any tissue from a fetus.

Vaccine makers may use these fetal cell lines in any of the following three stages of vaccine development:

  1. Development:  Identifying what works

  2. Confirmation:  Making sure it works

  3. Production:  Manufacturing the formula that works

When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccines currently approved for emergency use, neither the Pfizer nor Moderna vaccines used fetal cell lines during the development or production phases. (So, no fetal cell lines were used to manufacture the vaccine, and they are not inside the injection you receive from your doctor.)  However, both companies used the fetal cell line HEK 293 in the confirmation phase to ensure the vaccines work.  All HEK 293 cells are descended from tissue taken from a 1973 elective abortion that took place in the Netherlands.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a bit different.  It is an adenovirus vector vaccine.  (Adenovirus is the virus that causes the common cold.  The virus in this vaccine has been changed so that it does NOT cause illness.)  With this type of vaccine, a carrier, in this case adenovirus, acts as a delivery vehicle.  The adenovirus has had the coronavirus spike protein added to its DNA.  The adenovirus carries that genetic material into your body, delivering its modified DNA to your cells.  Your cells will then make the spike protein, activating your immune system.  Once activated, your immune system creates antibodies to fight off the spike protein.  Learn more about theJohnson &Johnson vaccine. (See Article 3.)

To make their virus vector vaccine, Johnson & Johnson infects PER.C6 fetal cell line cells with adenovirus.  All PER.C6 cells used to manufacture the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are descended from tissue taken from a 1985 elective abortion that also took place in the Netherlands.  They use this cell line because it is a well-studied industry standard for safe and reliable production of viral vector vaccines.

None of the COVID-19 vaccines in development use fetal cells taken from recent abortions.

We understand this topic is very sensitive and important within communities of faith.  We want everyone to feel like they are making a fully informed decision.  We encourage anyone with concerns about the use of fetal cell lines in vaccine development to weigh the risks and benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines with their doctor and have a personal conversation with a faith leader.

The Vatican has issued clear guidance that permits Roman Catholics in good faith to receive COVID-19 vaccines that use fetal cell lines in development or production. Read the Vatican’s comments on the morality of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. (See Article 2.)

Article 2. 

This article relates to the vaccinations using fetal parts mixed in and the Vatican’s comments on morality of receiving COVID-19 vaccine.

Article From:  Catholic News Service

Article Title:  Vatican:  Without alternatives, current COVID-19 vaccines are morally acceptable

By:  Carol Glatz  Date:  December 21, 2020

Quoted:  The article states:  “A health care worker vaccinates an elderly man against Covid-19 in Jerusalem Dec. 21, 2020.  The Vatican’s doctrinal office said it is morally acceptable to receive Covid-19 vaccines using cell lines originating from aborted fetuses when alternative vaccines are not made available.  (CNS photo/Ammar Awad, Reuters)”

© Copyright 2021 United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  All Rights Reserved.

Quoted:  The article states:  VATICAN CITY (CNS) –The Vatican’s doctrinal office said that when alternative vaccines are not available, it is morally acceptable to receive COVID-19 vaccines developed or tested using cell lines originating from aborted fetuses.

However, “the licit use of such vaccines does not and should not in any way imply that there is a moral endorsement of the use of cell lines proceeding from aborted fetuses,” said the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

“Both pharmaceutical companies and governmental health agencies are therefore encouraged to produce, approve, distribute and offer ethically acceptable vaccines that do not create problems of conscience for either health care providers or the people to be vaccinated,” it added in a note published Dec. 21.

The note “on the morality of using some anti-COVID-19 vaccines” had been reviewed by Pope Francis Dec. 17 and he ordered its publication, the doctrinal office said.

As vaccines against the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 are being distributed in some parts of the world, the doctrinal office said it has been receiving requests for guidance regarding the use of vaccines which, “in the course of research and production, employed cell lines drawn from tissue obtained from two abortions that occured in the last century.”

The “diverse and sometimes conflicting pronouncements in the mass media by bishops, Catholic associations, and experts have raised questions about the morality of the use of these vaccines,” the congregation said.

Even though there are already some notes and instructions by the doctrinal office and the Pontifical Academy for Life regarding vaccines prepared from such cell lines, it said, “this congregation desires to offer some indications for clarification of this matter.”

The Catholic Church teaches that there are differing degrees of responsibility of cooperation with evil.  That means that the responsibility of those who make the decision to use cell lines of illicit origin is not the same as those “who have no voice in such a decision,” the doctrinal office said, quoting from its 2008 instruction, “Dignitas Personae.”

“When ethically irreproachable COVID-19 vaccines are not available—e.g. in countries where vaccines without ethical problems are not made available to physicians and patients or where their distribution is more difficult due to special storage and transport conditions or when various types of vaccines are distributed in the same country but health authorities do not allow citizens to choose the vaccine with which to be inoculated—it is morally acceptable to receive COVID-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process,” the doctrinal congregation wrote in the new note.

Using these vaccines is morally licit when the “passive material cooperation” with the evil of an abortion “from which these cell lines originate is, on the part of those making use of the resulting vaccines, remote.”

“The moral duty to avoid such passive material cooperation is not obligatory if there is a grave danger, such as the otherwise uncontainable spread of a serious pathological agent—in this case, the pandemic spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19,” it said.

Therefore, in such a case, “all vaccinations recognized as clinically safe and effective can be used in good conscience with the certain knowledge that the use of such vaccines does not consitute formal cooperation with the abortion, “it said.

However, the doctrinal congregation emphasized that “the morally licit use of these types of vaccines, in the particular conditions that make it so, does not in itself constitute a legitimation, even indirect, of the practice of abortion, and necessarily assumes the opposition to this practice by those who make use of these vaccines.”‘ The congregation repeated the Vatican’s call on pharmaceutical companies and governmental agencies to produce, approve and distribute ethically acceptable vaccines, that is, without using morally compromised cell lines at all.

The doctrinal office also said that “vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary.”

From an ethical point of view, “the morality of vaccination depends not only on the duty to protect one’s own health, but also on the duty to pursue the common good,” it added.

If there are no other means to stop or prevent an epidemic, the congregation said, “the common good may recommend vaccination, especially to protect the weakest and most exposed.”

Those who wish, for “reasons of conscience,” to refuse vaccines produced with cell lines from aborted fetuses, “must do their utmost to avoid, by other prophylactic means and appropriate behavior, becoming vehicles for the transmission” of the virus.

They must avoid putting at risk the health of those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons and who are the most vulnerable, it said.

Lastly, the congregation said it is “a moral imperative for the pharmaceutical industry, governments and international organizations to ensure that vaccines, which are effective and safe from a medial point of view, as well as ethically acceptable, are also accessible to the poorest countries in a manner that is not costly for them.”

Otherwise, this lack of access would become yet another sign of discrimination and injustice “that condemns poor countries to continue living in health, economic and social poverty.”

Article 3.

This article has more information about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine including its side effects.

Article From:  UNMC Nebraska Medicine


Article Title:  The one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Published:  March 4, 2021

© Copyright Nebraska Medicine

Quoted:  The article states:  On Feb. 27, the FDA issued an emergency use authorization for the third COVID-19 vaccine.  The latest vaccine is an adenovirus vector vaccine created by Johnson & Johnson.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a one-dose vaccine—you don’t need to return for a second dose as you do with the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.  The Johnson & Johnson vaccine takes 14 to 28 days for your immune system to respond and develop protection.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine delivers DNA (not mRNA) to your cells to make the spike protein.

An adenovirus acts as a delivery vehicle, carrying coronavirus genetic material (DNA).  The adenovirus delivers the little piece of DNA to the cell that will then make the spike protein.  After your cells make the spike protein, your immune system creates antibodies toward the spike protein, protecting you from infection.  The adenovirus vector (a cause of the common cold) has been modified so that it cannot replicate and is thus harmless (even for those who are immunosuppressed).


Will the Johnson & Johnson vaccine give you COVID-19?  No, but as with other vaccines, you may feel some side effects.  These side effects show that your body is reacting normally.  However, many people have little or no reactogenic symptoms.  Don’t misinterpret this-it does not mean that you are not gaining protection.

Side effects for this vaccine seem less common than with mRNA vaccines.  In the clinical trial, half of the participants had a sore arm  from the vaccination.  After the shot, 38% of people felt fatigued and 29% had headaches.  Only 9% of people experienced a fever.  In the vast majority of persons, these symptoms were mild and self-limited.  Over 43,000 people participated in the phase 3 clinical trial.  It was a randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled study (meaning it was very rigorous and well-conducted).


The vaccine is over 85% effective at preventing hospitalization, severe disease and death across all countries studied (at least 28 days after vaccination).  After 49 days, there were no severe cases at all.

In the United States, the vaccine was 72% effective at preventing moderate to severe disease 28 days after vaccination.  Again, none of the persons who received the vaccine developed severe disease requiring hospitalization or died from COVID-19.

In summary here are 3 articles with lots of information for you to process about the COVID-19 vaccinations.  Let me pray for you.

Father God-

I ask for your wisdom for everyone reading this blog in all the decisions they have to make for themselves.  I pray for an impartation of understanding.  Please help everyone reading this blog to choose the right vaccinations for themselves that doesn’t compromise their beliefs.  I pray that their bodies would respond well to the vaccinations.  I come against adverse harmful physical reactions from the vaccinations in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  I speak complete healing at the molecular level for everyone.  I speak complete wholeness, healed bodies, mind and spirits.  I pray for healthy emotions for all those who have been affected by abortion and have to take the vaccine.  Amen.

Thanks for reading,


Julie Weber


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